For Customer Success Professionals,
Built by Customer Success Professionals.

We believe that building strong, authentic relationships with your customers is the best way to drive customer growth and retention. Our mission is to help monitor, scale and develop these essential relationships.

Staircase’s predictive data processing and AI-based technology analyzes thousands of real-time client-vendor engagements — enabling CS teams to make the crucial shift from reactive to proactive.

Staircase was founded in 2021 and the company has offices in Los Angeles & Tel Aviv.

Our Story

Staircase was founded in 2021 by Ori Entis and Lior Harel, who combined have dozens of years of hands-on experience in SaaS, product management, machine learning and CS. Their senior roles at startups and midsize companies have given them a front row seat to the evolving business trends: The subscription model began to dominate the tech world and beyond. A pure sales focus was replaced with the desire to better understand and retain customers, and Customer Success emerged. At the same time, people began communicating over more channels, creating the ability for more communication — and adding exponentially more complexity and chaos.

In this environment, it became obvious that any successful business needed to focus on delivering ongoing value, creating loyalty, and growing the customer base. Yet the existing platforms and products were not up for the task of managing thousands of customers while also developing a human-centered, customer-driven CS organization.

The founders knew that a new set of tools was urgently needed. They answered the need with Staircase. Based on the idea that relationships are the most important ingredient for retention and growth, Staircase helps thrive by providing Relationship Intelligence at scale.

Ori Entis

CEO, Co-founder

Lior Harel

CTO, Co-founder