Customer Relationship Score: The Missing Piece of Relationship Analytics

Relationship score

The Customer Relationship Score, a relatively new concept now being adopted by mature CS teams, is helping businesses understand the strength of their relationships with their customers. An accurate Relationship Score can help recognize sudden sentiment drops, detect engagement level issues, and identify new relationship opportunities to promote account stickiness.     What is a […]

Navigating Success with the North Star Metric

North Star Metric

The North Star Metric is an important reference pointer that’s predictive of a company’s long-term success. It pushes all departments towards a common business objective to help achieve sustainable growth. Once leadership establishes this pointer-metric correctly, teams and stakeholders can work together with added purpose.   Before diving into North Star Metric specifics, we invite […]

Customer Churn Rate: Explained

Customer Churn Rate

After defining the Customer Health Score, this week we will cover the Customer Churn Rate. Customer Churn Rate (Churn Rate), albeit a basic metric, helps customer success managers track the number of clients and users that have stopped using the product or service. In this post, we’ll touch upon the reasons that cause customer churn, […]

Customer Success Strategy: Identifying the Blind Spots

Customer Success has come a long way in recent years with CSMs becoming more data-driven in their approach. But even with the processes becoming more proactive, there are some CS blind spots that you need to be aware of and address in your Customer Success strategy. Let’s take a closer look.   The Customer Success […]

From One CSM to Another: 5 SaaS Customer Success Pro Tips

From One CSM to Another: 5 SaaS Customer Success Pro Tips

I’ve been in the SaaS customer success space for more than a decade now and have seen it transition from reactive procedures to a proactive approach encompassing sales, product analytics, and advanced retention strategies. One question I get often is how CSMs can take their performance to the next level to become a CS Rockstar. […]

The Evolution of Customer Success Tools: From CRMs to AI

Evolution of customer success tools

The Customer Success space is relatively new to the business world and has been evolving fast over the last decade. Following the Customer-Centric revolution, there is no doubt that the customer unit is getting much more attention than it used to before, and therefore CS is blooming. Let’s take a closer look into what happened […]

How AI can Improve Customer Experience and NRR

It doesn’t matter if your product is groundbreaking and your prices are competitive, if your customers aren’t happy, you’re not going to hit your KPIs. The bottom line: customer relationships are critical to your business success. While the art of creating a satisfying customer experience is tricky on the best of days, it’s only gotten […]

3 Tips for Outcome-Driven SaaS Customer Success

SaaS Customer Success

Most businesses collect customer data to leverage it in their marketing efforts. Today, more leaders realize that the same client data can be used to create customer value and success. Understanding more about your customers’ goals and pain points empowers your team to centralize customer success into everything they do. Thus ensuring that your products […]

Relationship Intelligence Matters: What Your CRM is Missing

Every successful business is built on a foundation of strong relationships. One could argue that as technology takes a more dominant role in our life, human relationships have become the essential balancing act that ultimately cements customer to vendor.  Customer Success tools emerged a decade ago to solve operational challenges, making sure tasks are completed, playbooks […]

Staircase AI Raises $4 Million in Seed Round to Create B2B Relationship Intelligence Platform

Staircase Relationship Intelligence (SRI) enables Customer Success teams to generate annual recurring revenue (ARR) and upsell opportunities through proactive relationship monitoring Los Angeles, CA – October 27, 2021 – Staircase AI, a pioneer in relationship intelligence, announced the completion of its $4 million seed round today. The company received funding from StageOne Ventures, a VC […]