Relationship Intelligence Matters: What Your CRM is Missing

Every successful business is built on a foundation of strong relationships. One could argue that as technology takes a more dominant role in our life, human relationships have become the essential balancing act that ultimately cements customer to vendor. 

Customer Success tools emerged a decade ago to solve operational challenges, making sure tasks are completed, playbooks were followed, and product usage tracked. All this is heavily dependent on manual data logging while carrying a technological debt since they were developed so long ago. They are missing advanced intelligent capabilities focused on analyzing complex situations and nurturing human relationships at scale. 

Staircase Relationship Intelligence is a next generation technology for B2B companies looking to reduce churn and increase the quality and depth of customer interactions. It provides management, CS, sales, marketing, and product teams with the invaluable visibility and insights they need to identify risk and opportunities. Staircase is founded by experienced SaaS leaders who have experienced the challenges and pain of managing complex b2b business interactions first-hand. Then set out to solve these challenges using a combination of people and Artificial Intelligence. 

Understanding Staircase Relationship Intelligence

Staircase Relationship Intelligence is a predictive data tool that uses AI-based technology to analyze the business relationships between clients and vendors. Staircase works 24×7 to analyze thousands of interactions (emails, messages, conversations) to safeguard accounts by understanding the sentiment of these interactions, the context and issues that are being discussed. These understandings are then summarized and surfaced to CS teams to take corrective action or double down on opportunities to upsell and expand. 

With a focus on the human relationships and important stakeholders, Staircase identifies key stakeholder changes – has your Champion gone dark? Changed roles? Is your Decision Maker unresponsive? Or upset? Maintaining those priority relationships is critical to success. But how do you do it at scale and efficiently? Staircase helps track, analyze, and identify important moments, organizational changes, unanswered requests, key topics of conversation and more.

With that real-time data readily available, you no longer need to wait for a client to speak up if something’s wrong. Too often, by the time they do, they are already considering taking their business elsewhere. It isn’t enough to react quickly – you need to stop things before they turn into a problem.  

Your Customer Success teams can now identify indicators of potential risks and create strategies to address them proactively.


Staircase Relationship Intelligence (SRI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are both able to help you manage your business relationships.

CRM tools were designed primarily to manage the sales funnel of leads and prospects rather than the funnel of existing customers that a company needs to retain and grow. Because of that focus, leveraging a CRM tool for Customer Success activities can be rudimentary and limited. Customer Success is the thread that holds the entire customer journey together; end to end. CRM functionality generally stops at the sale.

Furthermore, a struggle we can all relate to, is the intensely manual process of updating client information into a static tool. Your customers are dynamic. Their people, teams, goals. projects, etc. are constantly changing and you need your tech stack to keep up without demanding hours of your time and attention. And even then, if you manage to keep up with the manual data entry, that CRM still isn’t giving you any insight into how your customer is feeling or helping you predict what they might do next. 

Using advanced data and AI, these communications are analyzed, predicted, and monitored — creating invaluable opportunities to make deeper human connections that create meaningful business results. And the best part? You can onboard your team and clients in minutes – with little to no ongoing input required. Staircase saves you time and cuts out the noise, so you can focus on what matters most. 

Staircase helps team collaboration and diffuses FOMO around customer interactions. With the team’s client-facing interactions viewable on Staircase, it’s easy to see who is engaging with the customer and how the customer is feeling. Allowing for quick and accurate alignment on account status versus working in the dark. 

Saving At-Risk Clients

With this holistic and ubiquitous visibility, you’ll be able to put together a proactive plan to address service issues before the client brings them to your attention. Proactive isn’t just a buzzword for Staircase, it’s a mode of operation.

Get to the Heart of What Matters

Staircase Relationship Intelligence will change the way your business does Customer Success forever. It bridges the gaps between businesses, internal team members who may be unaware of their own need for improvement in communication, and external stakeholders.

How well are you managing client risks and relationships? Click here to book a demo today. 

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