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Up to 10 customers

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Engagement analysis
  • CSM reports
  • Domain install
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  • Everything in Freemium, plus
  • Insights reports
  • Team stats report
  • Bi-directional CRM
  • Slack support
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  • All in growth, plus
  • Custom stakeholders
  • Custom ML models
  • API integration
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Custom SLA
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Frequently asked questions

Are you analyzing my personal emails?

Let’s start by clarifying – we can’t access your personal emails! 🙂
We integrate with your inbox, but only analyze customer interactions per your request. In simple words, you can choose which customers Staircase AI can analyze, and which we can’t. We cannot scan any customer on your no-zone list.

Is the free account really free?

Yes! You can enjoy Staircase AI’s up to 20 customers – entirely free.

What data integrations do you support?

Staircase AI supports all text-based communication channels: email, ticketing systems, Slack, Zoom calls, and more.
Check out our full integration list here.

Is my data safe?

We are fully committed to keep your data safe and sound. Feel free to visit our Security Center and share it with your Security Officers.

What is Customer Sentiment Analysis?

Customer Sentiment Analysis is a method that extract customer sentiment by analyzing conversations, communications, and meetings. It helps understand how customers are feeling about the company’s product, how the brand is being perceived, the value they are offering, and satisfaction from the service being offered, amongst other things.
Learn more about Sentiment Analysis.

What is a Relationship Score?

The Customer Relationship Score is a measure of the strength of a relationship between two organizations or between two individuals in these organizations.
The relationship score is a practical and valuable tool in assessing customer health and driving business goals.
Learn more about Relationship Scores.