How well are you managing your
Customer Relationships?

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Are your Customer Success Teams working on the right accounts & relationships?

With early and consistent customer communication
analysis, Staircase clarifies what is going well and
what needs attention. We bring to light the
information you need in order to retain customers,
build more meaningful human connections and grow
your business.

Can you really keep up with
thousands of customer engagements?

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Ready to step up your game
with Relationship Intelligence?

Customer Relationship Intelligence

Harness the power of AI for unprecedented visibility
and insight into customer relationships.

With proactive analysis of your customer
communications, you and your teams can avoid
pitfalls and improve your customer relationships.

CS Platforms

We invented new, cutting-edge CS

Our revolutionary tools highlight missed opportunities,
neglected customers and situations where intervention is
needed. This proactive approach enables teams to manage customer relationships efficiently, meaningfully and intelligently.

Relationships are the key to
retention and growth

Staircase analyzes and alerts on relationship-based issues, red flags and missed opportunities.

Guided by our expert team of senior leaders in Customer
Success, CRM and AI software development, Staircase
delivers cutting edge, intuitive tools so you can
understand and act on key information about the most
crucial part of your business — your relationships.

Product & relationships
are the key to NRR

Your relationships are meaningful. Use it more intelligently.

Modern business is overloaded with a constant barrage of communication. It’s impossible to organize, analyze, and
understand on your own. Don’t let this affect the quality of
your customer interactions, or your bottom line.
Our team has been hand-picked to create the most
advanced, intuitive software to scale your ability to manage relationships and enable your business to thrive.