Staircase Relationship Intelligence

Our Product

Staircase delivers the next generation of AI-based technology for B2B companies looking to reduce churn and increase the quality of interactions. While there are several players in the product analytics space, there are no true relationship analytics tools for CS that provide analytics, data and analysis for service/CS team use cases.

Our unique tool enables visibility into hundreds of thousands of digital engagements, including Slack, email, chats, video transcripts, in-app communications.
Using advanced data and AI, these can be analyzed, predicted and monitored — creating invaluable opportunities to make
deeper human connections.

Staircase is purpose-built
from the ground up with the latest cloud
technologies and custom machine learning models.

Group 260


Understand engagement
volume, response times,
sentiment and topics.
Group 88


Gain insight into complex relationships, what is being discussed, who is communicating, and how often.
Group 261


Prioritize key relationships and
eliminate manual work.
Group 266


Deliver data-driven action plans and opportunities for growth.
Group 259


Uncover red flags, missed
opportunities, churn risks and early
warning signals.
Group 258


Share customer insights and team performance.

Easy to implement.
Easy to use.
A faster path to NRR

The ability to onboard
and configure in minutes

Historical and present data analysis

No need for IT/Sys admin

Insights alerts