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AI-Powered Churn Risks Unlocked.

Relationship intelligence - Staircase AI Visibility into customers and teams

Bi-directional visibility into customers and teams

Staircase AI provides complete visibility into your communications with customers. Our platform connects between your team’s KPIs and your customers sentiment, stakeholder changes, risks, and opportunities.

Sentiment analysis - Staircase AI Sentiment analysis - Staircase AI

Track and act on Sentiment trends Overtime

We use our own AI tecnology to analyze 100% of your customers feedback, and reveal how customers feel about your product or services, with over 90% accuracy! With Staircase AI you truly get the visibility you need to customers heart, tracking sentiment in real time.

CS stakeholder KPIs CS stakeholder KPIs

Engage & track stakeholder KPIs without all the fuzz

Are you struggling to manage your stakeholder engagement KPIs?

With Staircase AI you can define your stakeholder engagement goals, and continuously track and enforce them.

CS stakeholder alerts - Staircase AI CS stakeholder alerts - Staircase AI

Generate stakeholder Alerts on critical changes in your key accounts

Mapping stakeholders is hard, and tracking their changes and shifts is even harder.

Staircase AI uncovers stakeholders changes and alerts you automatically when someone leaves, transitions, or goes underwater, so you keep up with your customers.

Chatter topics - Staircase AI product Chatter topics - Staircase AI product

Identify & track main chatter topics discussed by your customers

Staircase AI identifies hot topics your customers are talking about, and combines it with Sentiment Analysis to discover what customers are really happy or unhappy with.

Live customer journey map - Staircase AI product Live customer journey map - Staircase AI product

Cross your Live journey map with your own journey plans

Companies build journey maps on a canvas, but are your plans meeting reality?

Staircase AI automatically plots key events on your customer experience on a live journey map, so you can easily see each customer’s full story.


What does it take to get
started with Staircase AI?

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Capture data

1 minute

Connect Staircase AI with your email, slack or any other channel you wish to analyze

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2 minutes

The analysis happens in real time, but will only take just a few minutes!

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Act proactively

In real time

Act on your Staircase AI dashboard, straight into your inbox, or your CRM.



Communication Channels

Gmail integration - Staircase AI product Gmail
Slack integration - Staircase AI product Slack
Intercom integration - Staircase AI product Intercom
Zoom integration - Staircase AI product Zoom
MS teams integration - Staircase AI product MS teams
Zendesk integration - Staircase AI product Zendesk

CRM and task management integration - Staircase AI product Monday
Salesforce integration - Staircase AI product Salesforce

Product analytics

Mixpanel integration - Staircase AI product Mixpanel
Intercom integration - Staircase AI product Intercom
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