Stop maintaining tools and focus on your customer relationships.

Leverage AI to make more time for strategic work with your accounts.
Staircase AI analyzes all customer communications and alerts on stakeholder KPIs, negative health trends within your book of business, and more.

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Trusted by Global CS teams who use Staircase AI to gain human insights from customer communications

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Stop working for the tool,
leverage AI to offload manual recording.

Free your time to get more strategic with your accounts, rather than constantly tackle recording tasks and reporting. Staircase AI automatically generates customer sentiment, engagement and relationship scores, and crafts all your communication on a real-time customer journey.

Be on top of your Stakeholder KPIs, automagically.

You know what happens when you lose a champion and it’s already too late... With Staircase AI you can define your stakeholder engagement goals, and continuously track and enforce those KPIs. It maps your stakeholders, identifies new ones, and alerts on the constant changes.

CS stakeholder alerts - Staircase AI

Stop looking for data and start uising an AI-powered customer health signals.

“When did you last speak?”, “Who’s your champion?”, “What’s the account’s status?”. Does that sound familiar?
Staircase AI helps you generate live customer journey reports, live status reports, and relationship heatmaps - with zero efforts on your side.

How Customer Analytics fits into
my tech stack?

The missing piece in your health score hides within the conversations.
 Staircase AI analyzes all your communications and unlocks customers’ true health.

Analytics layer

Do you really know your customers? Product analytics and BI are great, but 
it's missing the relationships component. Staircase AI integrates & analyzes communications from emails, chats, calls, tickets, and more.

Operational layer

Once you have the full analytics picture, Staircase AI helps you proactively act and improve your customer experience.


Communication Channels


CRM and task management


Product analytics


Communication Channels


Video calls


CRM and automation


CRM and task management


Communication Channels


Product analytics


Support platform


Product analytics

Google Cloud

Product analytics

MS teams

Communication Channels


Video calls


CRM and task management

Google Cloud

Product analytics

MS teams

Communication Channels


Free your team to build relationships,
instead of maintaining tools


  • Manually updating systems and scores
  • Discovering inaccurate health scores
  • False alerts on customers
  • Work hours on creating reports
  • Constantly being asked on customers feedback


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Save 20% of Churn.

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4 Hours Every Week.

Get 100% Customers Feedback.

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Staircase AI saves
25% of our
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Here’s what our customers say

Staircase is saving 25% of our CSMs working time. They can now get ahead of customer performance and detect at-risk accounts.

Rich Fatigate - Launch Potato

Rich Fatigate

SVP Sales & partnerships

I was pleasantly surprised with Staircase’s sentiment score, something that’s always been impossible to track at scale. It helps us to get a birds eye view of our entire customer base.

Ido david medan, Syte - headshot

Ido David Medan

Director of Customer Success

We gain complete visibility into customer touch points, sentiment, and real-time status with Staircase AI, without worrying about constant recording and feedback loops.

Ran Goldshtein - Dealhub

Ran Goldstein

Chief Customer Officer

Staircase AI is the only platform that helps reveal the potential question in accounts. It’s the fastest in escalating risks and supports uncovering new growth opportunities.

Eran Burns Stoke

Eran Burns

Head of Customer Success