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We Care for Your Security

We deeply care about your privacy and security, making sure you feel confident and safe using Staircase AI.

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We treasure your relationships, and your data even more.

We’re committed to keep your data secure and working under most strict security measures to keep it safe and confidential.

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Working with the highest security standards

Navigate through our security policies and certifications to tick all the security boxes.


Frequently asked questions

Is my data secured?

Yes, it is. We are fully committed to keep your data safe and sound. We meet all the security standards to protect our customers from security vulnerabilities.

Why do you need access to my entire inbox? Are you reading all my emails?

Let’s start by clarifying – we can’t access your personal emails! 🙂
We integrate with your inbox, but only analyze customer interactions per your request. In simple words, you can choose which customers Staircase AI can analyze, and which we can’t. We cannot scan any customer on your no-zone list.

Is my data backed up?

Staircase AI data centers backs up all the data in our platform at least once a day.

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Shoutout to security researchers

We enourage security researchers across the globe to help us improve.

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