Boost efficiency with out-of-the-box team data metrics

With a growing number of accounts and countless interactions, old methods for measuring your team's performance fall short. The problem is clear: accessing the data is impossible. Staircase AI connects directly to the source, removing data barriers to insights.

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Out-of-the-box analysis on your teams’ performance

Staircase AI accesses all your communication sources, and brings unprecedented accuracy to your teams’ performance analysis - efficiency scores, time spent on accounts, true costs per account, response times and more.

Auto-summarize calls, meetings, and accounts

How much time could you save, and how much focus-time would you earn without needing to summarize every meeting? Staircase AI not only summarizes calls, but provides lowlights and highlights, issues and action items from the call.

Health, sentiment, churns scores - all without a single manual action

Leverage an AI-based approach to measure customer sentiment objectively, track real-time risks, stakeholder changes, and crucial events in your customer journey.


Stop running meetings
on questions AI can answer.


  • Discovering inaccurate health scores
  • Listening to long calls
  • Getting very few NPS responses
  • Guessing customers feelings
  • Manual recording
  • Failing to sync internally


Save Your Team Wasted Time On Busywork

Get AI-Powered Feedback on 100% of Your Customers.

Generate Real-Time Reports On Accounts' Efficiency Scores

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Staircase AI's Sentiment Scores work smoothly.

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