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Once upon a time, we could easily tell how customers are feeling. But in an omni-channel world, it’s easy to lose track.

April 2021 Staircase AI, pioneer in Relationship Intelligence, was founded by Ori Entis and Lior Harel to uncover blind spots.

October 2021 Staircase AI raises $4M Seed Round from top-notch VCs to continue improving its AI technology.

January 2022 Staircase AI launches AI-powered Machine Learning models to empower Post-Sales teams.

August 2022 Staircase AI Launches a New Sentiment Model that Hits 90% Accuracy in Identifying Customer Sentiment

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Ori Entis


Lior Harel



VP Marketing

Omri Hecht

Frontend Team Lead

Kate Neal

Director of Customer Success

Itai Marks

Machine Learning, AI Data Engineer

Yahor Usoltsau

Software Engineer

Uladzislau Mihura

Software Engineer

Inbal Harel

Business Development

Max Dabosin

Software Engineer


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