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Over 70% of leaders feel their Customer Health Score is inaccurate. Do you feel the same? Leverage AI-Powered Scores to tell the true story of your customers’ experience.

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Generate your accounts' true health score, entirely automatically.

Generate AI-powered sentiment, engagement, and health scores of your customers - entirely automatically. Staircase AI helps you analyze 100% of your customers feedback. A true alternative to NPS for post-sales teams.

Zero dependance on CRM perfection

Staircase AI connects directly with your communication sources, removing the dependency in CRM perfection. We Analyze customer emails, calls, tickets, meetings and more, without depending on CS or customer feedback.

Real time visibility on churn risks and opportunities

Customers send signals all the time, but we’re either too busy or optimistic to detect them. Leverage an AI-based approach to score your customer relationships and focus on what needs attention. Staircase AI helps measure sentiment objectively, track real-time risks, stakeholder changes, and crucial events in your customer journey.


Stop running meetings
on questions AI can answer.


  • Discovering inaccurate health scores
  • Listening to long calls
  • Getting very few NPS responses
  • Guessing customers feelings
  • Manual recording
  • Failing to sync internally


Save Yourself From Wasting 4 Hours Every Week.

Get AI-Powered Feedback on 100% of Your Customers.

Generate Real-Time Alerts on Growth Opportunities.

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