Do You Know
Your Customers’
True Health?

Over 70% of leaders feel their Customer Health Score is inaccurate. Leverage Customer Analytics and AI-powered scores to tell the true story of your customers’ journey.

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Stop running meetings

on questions AI can answer.


  • Listening to long calls
  • Questioning CS teams
  • Guessing customers’ feelings
  • Discover inaccurate health scores
  • Try to track the right prospect to talk to in the customer account


Save yourself

from wasting
over 4 hours

every week

Get AI-powered
feedback on
100% of your


real- time
to be
truly proactive.

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Uncover live customer
sentiment to identify
growth opportunities,
without asking for any

Who is likely to expand now? Which customers are happy now? Stop questioning the team and use AI to uncover live sentiment, engagement and health. Discover expansion opportunities, without asking for any feedback from customers or CS teams.

Spot the right person
to talk to, using
AI-powered network

Staircase AI target network analysis technology uncovers the strentgh of your relationships with customers, and helps you track the right stakeholders within an account.

Let communication flow
seamlessly between the

Staircase AI helps imrpove cross-deparment collaboration - see customers’ real-time journey including signals such as stakeholder changes, lifecycle stages, sentiment and more, to help make the right decisions around expansion outreach.

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