Top Customer Feedback Tools You Must Consider for 2023

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    Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Companies that wish to succeed in 2022s MUST feel the pulse and understand customer sentiment in real-time. Collecting customer feedback from direct inputs, surveys, and reviews is a great way to get started, but there are far more advanced tools that can do more indirectly. We’ve shortlisted 8 industry-leading customer feedback tools that you must consider for your CS tech stack. Let’s dive into it. 

    What Are Customer Feedback Tools?

    Customer feedback tools are software solutions that help businesses plan, create, and distribute surveys or feedback forms. Next-gen tools also specialize in collecting indirect feedback and converting siloed customer data into actionable insights. Understanding customer sentiment in real-time allows post-sales teams to improve retention, minimize churn, and explore new growth opportunities.

    Marketing, sales, product, and development teams can all benefit and factor these insights into their gameplan. These unbiased insights can benefit the entire organization and help create a foolproof business strategy for sustainable growth.

    The tools in this list help collect feedback from customers via different platforms and channels, while also providing varying levels of analytical capabilities. Collecting and breaking down this kind of data is one of the most important things for CS and product team leaders today because B2B ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex. That’s why picking the right tool is becoming increasingly crucial.

    Customer Feedback Tools: The Criteria

    Before getting into the actual list of customer feedback tools that we have selected for your consideration, we’d like to touch upon and elaborate upon the main parameters that were used to create this shortlist.

    Here are the criteria:

    • Usability – Like any third-party tool, the customer feedback tool should be easy to set up and use with minimal in-app friction
    • Multi-Channel Integrations – With customers interacting with you via more and more channels, feedback tools need to be able to integrate with more of them to harvest more feedback
    • Support – Customer feedback tools should also be back up with a strong and professional support team, ideally with solid documentation. This helps businesses onboard faster and achieve better results
    • Pricing – The budget aspect is also a big factor in today’s economic climate, regardless of the size or revenue of your organization.

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    Top 8 Customer Feedback Tools

    Let’s dive into the list of customer feedback tools.

    1. Staircase AI

    Staircase AI is a customer intelligence platform that has the unique ability of analyzing customer communications from multiple channels and converting them into actionable human insights. This feat is simply impossible to achieve with the naked eye. This allows B2B businesses to cut through the noise, detect issues to reduce churn, and also act on new growth opportunities.

    This innovative AI technology is eliminating the need for manual surveys, which are almost always limited in nature – partial participation, incomplete responses, manual result analysis. Staircase AI is the future of customer feedback.

    Founded: 2021

    Main Features: 

    • AI-powered analysis of indirect feedback of customer-vendor communications, covering 100% of indirect feedback
    • Generates real-time sentiment scoring, without the need of surveys 
    • Cross customer sentiment towards specific topics discussed by customers

    Pricing: Starter – Free (up to 10 customers), Growth – $499 (up to 50 customers), Enterprise – Contact vendor (all-in growth).


    • AI-based solution covering 100% of customer indirect feedback  
    • Setup takes a few days, instant results 
    • Strong customer support 


    • No mobile support
    • Missing some integrations

    2. Khoros

    Khoros is a potent customer feedback tool that helps collect and break down customer information via the various social media channels, review websites, and NPS surveys conducted via direct messaging. It can monitor all channels and detect issues as soon as they arise for effective damage control. CSMs can also create customized workflows to resolve issues faster to boost customer sentiment.

    Founded: 2019

    Main Features: 

    • Customizable engagement workflows
    • Social crisis mitigation

    Pricing: Not available on the website, No free trial


    • Scheduling and calendarization
    • Social listening
    • Strong support


    • Comes with a learning curve
    • Data can be hard to access/process/share

    3. SatisMeter

    SatisMeter is one of the leading survey-centric customer feedback tools out there today. With a plethora of integrations on tap, this feedback collecting tool can make life easy and help integrate insights into your CS tech stack with ease. NPS, CSAT, CES, and PMF surveys – SatisMeter has you covered on all fronts. You can then use the collected data to tweak your CS playbook and make tweaks on the fly.

    Founded: 2015

    Main Features: 

    • Comprehensive survey capabilities
    • Engagement amplification

    Pricing: Not available on the website, No free trial


    • Quick installation
    • Email templates for fast execution
    • Superb integration


    • Data segmentation can be better
    • Average reporting capabilities
    Satismeter app

    4. Typeform

    Typeform is a feedback tool that emphasizes the conversational aspect of things. It doesn’t matter if you are conducting surveys or sharing feedback forms, everything is presented to the users as conversations. There are multiple templates that speed up implementation. Integrations are plenty, including video communications. There is also a cutting-edge chatbot that helps harvest vital information. 

    Founded: 2012

    Main Features: 

    • Logic jumps for context
    • Conversational flows
    • Advanced chatbot

    Pricing: Basic – $25/month (up to 100 responses), Plus – $50/month (up to 1000 responses), Business – $100/month (up to 10,000 responses)


    • Strong integration
    • Good documentation
    • Intuitive and User friendly


    • Basic plan comes with Typeform branding
    • Iffy support
    • Expensive at scale

    5. AskNicely

    AskNicely is a customer feedback tool that helps conduct NPS surveys in the best way possible. It helps create an entire NPS network where all connected personas are updated with the results in real-time. These surveys can be conducted via multiple platforms for maximum responses, allowing CS teams to engage customers better and push them towards becoming true brand advocates.

    Founded: 2014

    Main Features: 

    • Customer and employee feedback
    • Customizable workflows

    Pricing: Not available on the website, No free trial


    • Extremely mobile friendly interface
    • Good customer support


    • Very NPS survey-centric
    • Iffy integrations

    6. Qualtrics

    Qualtrics is one of the oldest players in the customer feedback game and its success is no accident. With multiple feedback tools on offer, it has become an user experience management solution of sorts. You can use this tool to track key metrics like customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and even brand awareness. Sister-offerings include product analytics and design intelligence.

    Founded: 2002

    Main Features: 

    • Turn Detractors to Passive
    • Hear every customer
    • Retaining insights

    Pricing: Not available on the website, Free trial available


    • End to end coverage
    • Strong reporting
    • Good integrations


    • More enterprise friendly
    • Has a learning curve
    • Not too customizable

    7. Delighted

    Think about a customer survey type. Delighted, now powered by Qualtrics, has you covered. NPS, eNPS, CES, PMF, and CSAT surveys are all easy to set up with just a few clicks. Not only that, you can also conduct 5-star, thumbs up/down, and smiley surveys strategically. However, keep in mind that the whole product is now intended to channel you towards the aforementioned Qualtrics platform.

    Founded: 2013

    Main Features: Create all kinds of feedback surveys with dozens of templates 

    Pricing: Free (send limit of up to 1000), Premium $224/month (send limit of up to 10000), Premium Plus (send limit of up to 20000).


    • Plenty of templates (self-service)
    • Easy to use
    • User friendly interface


    • Slow support
    • Basic data quality and survey-only solution
    • Can get pricey fast

    8. Medallia

    Medallia is another proven and tested customer feedback tool that has evolved into a more comprehensive offering over the years. Besides the ability to create branded NPS surveys, collect on-demand feedback, and harvest social media communications, Medallia allows you to add employees into the loop and make their voice heard. It also helps predict customer behavior and pinpoint churn risks.

    Founded: 2001

    Main Features: 

    • Feedback collection and analysis
    • Customer lifecycle insights

    Pricing: Not available on the website, Free trial available


    • Straightforward interface
    • Multiple templates


    • Better indicator of churn risks
    • Complicated alerts and notifications
    • Not the best integration capabilities

    All Platforms Are Graded On a 5-Star Scale (5 Maximum Score, 1 Lowest Score).

    Based on User Reviews from the G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra Platforms

    Analyze Customer Sentiment with the Power of AI

    Staircase AI is the only solution that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to make the shift from the traditional  direct methods (surveys, feedback forms) to more comprehensive indirect feedback collection from millions of customer interactions and communications. The old methods are becoming outdated due to limited participation levels, siloed data, and the biased insights they provide. 

    With Staircase AI, you can analyze all of your customer interactions (emails, chats, video calls, Slack activity, and more) to feel the pulse in real-time. This next-gen solution then connects the human signals to generate insights that include stakeholder changes, fluctuating sentiment trends, underlying churn risks, and new growth opportunities. This is a true post-sales game changer.

    When combined with existing product analytics tools, Staircase Ai’s human analytics allow businesses to fully understand customers at any given time, without wasting time on manual, limited, and time-consuming feedback methods. The future is here.