Survey reveals 62% of CS playbooks inaccurate, Staircase AI-Responder Offers a New Generative AI Solution

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    • Staircase AI Responder is the first platform to use customer analytics to instruct an AI-Responder, disrupting the existing method of rule-based automation and templates in post-sales
    • New survey from the brand of customer success professionals (CS) shows 62% of playbooks are inaccurate or irrelevant

    Los Angeles, February 15, 2023Staircase AI, a leading customer intelligence platform, today announced Staircase AI Responder, a proprietary Generative AI-powered intelligent response solution to support B2B post-sales teams. The new technology supports CS teams and boosts productivity by maintaining high touch relationships using fewer resources. 

    Unlike others in the market who integrate or white label Chat GPT as a product offering, Staircase AI’s original technology learns from customer data to instruct generative AI about customers. The company is the first to use the AI-Responder, disrupting the existing method of rule-based automation and templates.

    As brands continue to look for ways to enhance customer success, AI response-led technology is designed to replace generic playbooks. A recent survey of U.S.-based customer success professionals show 82% say that playbooks are essential for customer success teams, but only half have implemented them. Additionally,  62% said playbooks are inaccurate, have irrelevant tasks and are a waste of customer success managers’ (CSM) time. 

    Staircase AI Responder Highlights:

    • Tailor responses based on the customer feedback or context of historical interaction, as generative AI doesn’t take the history of a customer into consideration or a brand’s service or product context. 
    • Proactively helps identify and respond immediately to negative trends in customer engagement. 
    • State-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) models trained to get to know the customer through sentiment scoring, relationship changes, underlying risk signals, and more.
    • Automatically identifies a response that brands may choose to send to customers, always in the right context.

    “The post-sales lifecycle is ripe for disruption. We no longer need to go from the customer to the data or wait for surveys to reactively deal with an unhappy customer. Now, data can continuously track every interaction and address churn signals using AI — all before they escalate, and then create an appropriate response brands can choose to send,” says Ori Entis, co-founder and CEO at Staircase AI.

    This personalized communication solution reimagines and redesigns post-sales lifecycles, flipping an outdated system and creating unlimited business efficiency potential. CS teams will no longer have to manually harvest customer information and use incomplete or outdated data to create playbooks. Staircase AI promotes a proactive inside-out dynamic by tracking customer activity and interactions in real time to pinpoint churn signals and growth opportunities. 

    “We no longer have to wait for customers to tell us they are unhappy. Our solution’s analytical capabilities identify both risks and opportunities to create accurate insights — and reach out to customers before they have to ask,” explains co-founder and CTO Lior Harel. “Customer Success 2.0 is utilizing AI from end to end — analyzing and responding. This new approach will democratize AI in the business world, and help CS teams make a true impact on NRR and customer growth.”