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Date March 28, 2023
Time 12:00 PM EDT

Building a Tech Stack in 2023: Doing Better With Less

In our last webinar, we discussed the role of AI in the CS space, and how to utilize it to improve efficiency and business results.
Our upcoming webinar will discuss the growing pressure to do more with less resources, and the impact on the shrinking tech stack.

Join Adam Houghton and Kate Neal for a 23 minute session to address this burning question - how can we do better with less?

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What Will You Learn?

Staircase AI webinars

How do you create the right stack for your needs?

Staircase AI webinars

The components of an effective tech stack in 2023

Staircase AI webinars

To consolidate or not to consolidate? That is the question!

Our Speakers

Kate Neal Director Customer Success, Staircase AI
Adam Houghton VP Customer Success, Klue