Top Customer Success Voices to Follow on Social Media in 2022

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    Top Customer Success Voices to Follow on Social Media in 2022

    Customer Success is one of the fastest evolving business methods today, with new trends and technologies constantly entering the picture. Following the top CS voices on LinkedIn and Twitter is a great way to stay in the loop, with their posts and articles giving you access to exclusive insights and tips. Here’s a list of the top CS leaders you should follow today to improve as a professional and stay inspired.

    In no specific order, let’s get started with the Customer Success leader list.

    1. Maranda Dziekonski

    Chief Customer Officer @ Swiftly, CS Mentor

    Maranda is a senior CS executive at Swiftly, but her impact is greater than that. She is also a CS mentor for CS professionals who come to sharpen their skills and learn about the latest trends. Maranda is no stranger to awards, with multiple wins in recent years – Top 100 Customer Success Strategist (2017, 2018), Top 25 Customer Success Influencer Judge (2020), and more.

    2. Irit Eizips

    CEO @ CSMPractice, Keynote Speaker, Writer

    Irit Eizips is a globally recognized Customer Success leader and influencer who has been in the thick of things since 2013. She has been recognized and voted as a leading Customer Success strategist on multiple occasions, thanks to her innovative methodologies and techniques that are making a huge difference in a wide range of companies from multiple industries. A must follow CS persona.

    3. Diana De Jesus

    CSM @ Catalyst Software, 

    Diana is another Customer Success thought leader you can’t afford to ignore. Besides acting as an influential CSM at Catalyst Software, Diana is involved in multiple projects and also appearing in multiple Top CS Expert lists in recent years. She runs a successful personal blog with thousands of loyal subscribers, she is very active on social media, and is also speaking at many important CS events.  

    4. Mike Lee

    The CS Alchemist, 2021 Future of SaaS MVP Award Winner

    Currently serving as Director of Customer Success at PublicInput, Mike Lee is making a dent in the Customer Success universe with his penetrating talks and insightful written material on social media. His main fields of expertise include Customer Success Leadership,  Designing and Maturing ITIL Processes, Project Management, and different kinds of Agile Transformations. 

    5. Markus Rentsch

    CEO @ Remark-able, Keynote Speaker, CS Content Creator

    Being a firm believer in upselling, cross-selling, and brand advocacy, Markus Rentsch is doing everything he can to help Customer Success executives achieve just that with his own Customer-Value-Led-Growth business model for SaaS. His goal is to teach every Customer Success team how to create exceptional value for their customers and their company with everything he has learned over the years.

    6. Leigh Ann Mosca

    CS Leader @ Salesforce, CS Trainer, Keynote Speaker

    Leigh has thousands of followers on social media and this is no coincidence. With years of demonstrated experience (and success) in companies like Snappy Kraken, Quest Financial Services, and most recently Salesforce, she is on the Mount Rushmore of CS leaders. Leigh believes in building strong relationships, both internally and externally, and she has the tools to help you achieve just that.

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    7. Anita Toth 

    Founder and CEO @ Anita Toth, Mentor, Speaker

    Anita Toth, an experienced CS leader with an amazing track record, is also a self-proclaimed “Churn Crusher”. We tend to agree. She has been advocating the voice of the customer for years, talking at top events, and appearing consistently on prestigious award lists – Top 50 CS Influencer 2022 by SmartKarrot and Top 100 Customer Success Strategist 2021 by SuccessHacker, just to name a few. 

    8. Kristen Gray Psychas

    Senior CSM @ ClientSuccess, Mentor, Speaker 

    Known in inner circles as KGP, Kristen is sharing her extensive Customer Success knowledge with dozens of CSMs worldwide. Her strategy optimization is considered by many to be top-notch and it’s no coincidence that her social media reach is exploding. She believes in question-asking, professional empowerment, sharing market trends, and collaborating on webinars. Don’t be shy and get in touch. 

    9. Stella Ikhnana

    Client Success Manager @ Cision, Keynote Speaker, CS Advocate

    Another relatively fresh face, Stella Ikhanana is a true CS rising star due to her CS enablement plans and data-driven initiatives that are helping people transition from the classroom to tech. She’s an expert in assessing pain points with unbiased techniques and leveraging AI-driven tech to facilitate collaborative solutions for cross-functional setups. Her CS motto is simple – Always celebrate the champions.   

    10. Jon Johnson

    Principle CSM @ UserTesting, CS Advocate

    With years of experience in SaaS startups and SMBs, Jon Johnson is a result-driven Customer Success executive with tons of loyal followers. He thrives in a fast-paced and dynamic corporate setting thanks to his ability to nurture relationships and uses technology to his advantage. Jon is very passionate about the user experience and recognizes its importance in achieving long term goals.

    11. Jack Hilbrich

    CSM @ Drift, CS Training Expert, Keynote Speaker

    Jack Hilbrich is changing the way Customer Success is implemented with his out-of-the-box approach, something he probably gets from his outdoor and traveling experiences. A firm believer in remote work, he is helping newbies start their CS careers, assisting with networking initiatives, and promoting design thinking. Jack is extremely responsive to collaborative ideas. So feel free to reach out.

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    12. Kristen Hayer

    Founder & CEO @ TheSuccessLeague, Keynote Speaker

    Besides owning a very successful business (pun intended), Kristen is a true role model and thought leader in the CS industry today. Over the last two decades, she has served in a wide range of sales, marketing, and Customer Success roles that have brought her to a point where she can plan and create cutting-edge Customer Success programs that drive sustainable revenue and business growth.

    13. Ashna Patel 

    CSM @ Ascent Cloud, Writer, Keynote Speaker

    A former Top 25 Customer Success Influencer, Ashana Patel has now become a household name when it comes to talks, written articles, and webinars. With almost a decade of CS experience, she is a true expert in a wide range of topics – customer engagement, onboarding, customer journeys, and success planning. A firm believer in a data-driven approach, Ashna is always open to collaboration offers. 

    14. Jan Young

    Senior Consultant @ The Success League, Podcast Host

    A reliable and trustworthy CS voice should have demonstrated experience with an impressive track record. Jan Young has done just that, with her content customer success practice leading to a 8X revenue growth to over $30 million. Besides her consulting business, she has built Innovate Pasadena Friday Coffee Meetup – a weekly speaker series for innovators, entrepreneurs, and emerging tech pros.

    15. Or Guz

    VP of Customer Success @ Velocity, Keynote Speaker

    Also a Top 25 Customer Success Influencer, Or Guz is another expert you need to follow to get inspired and learn more. With years of experience at PerimeterX, he is now able to build high-performance teams from scratch and develop processes to create scalable businesses. He believes in the customer-first approach and is constantly talking about advanced concepts like VoC and EWS. 

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    16. Wayne McCulloch

    Chief Customer Officer @ WalkMe, CS Training Expert

    Wayne McCulloch has decades of experience in creating scalable business ecosystems, even before Customer Success was really a thing. He’s all about optimizing the Customer Experience journey – from onboarding stage, all the way to expansion and advocacy. He is great at recognizing new talents, coaching them, and giving back to the sector that has made him such a successful figure on the net.

    17. Ziv Peled

    Chief Customer Officer @ AppsFlyer, Keynote Speaker

    AppsFlyer has grown exponentially over the last decade and Ziv Peled has been an integral part of its growth machine. He is now being recognized as an expert in relationship building, risk management, budget planning, and other key Customer Success operations. Ziv is currently leading a team of over 150 CS engineers and is inspiring dozens of CSMs with his performance and knowledge.

    18. Nils Vinje

    CS Leadership Coach, Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

    Nils is another powerful speaker and leader you need to follow today. He is a leading Customer Success pioneer with a dedicated business for organizations of all sizes, Glide Consulting. Training and live coaching? Nils has you covered. His insights and recommendations are based on years of experience. His 30 Day Leadership course is also extremely popular in B2B circles. Follow him now.

    19. Jeff Heckler

    Director of Customer Success @ MarketSource, Keynote Speaker

    Jeff Heckler has over a decade of experience in leading Customer Success teams and building customer-facing revenue teams. He is able to break down complex SaaS use cases to create robust growth pipelines. Jeff has been officially recognized for his contributions to the industry on multiple occasions, with this most recent one being named as a Top 50 Customer Success Influencer by SmartKarrot.

    20. Alex Farmer

    VP of Customer Success @ Cognite, Author, CS Coach

    Alexander Farmer is another leading Customer Success executive who is inspiring the next generation of CSMs. He is a certified “churn-killer” who has years of experience in building post-sales teams and creating customer-first experiences. He was recognized as a Top 25 Customer Success Influencer in 2021 and we’re pretty confident that this is not the last award Alex will be winning.

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    21. Jeremy Donaldson

    Customer Success Leader @ Totango, Writer, Keynote Speaker

    Jeremy is one of the most humble and spiritual Customer Success leaders you’ll find today. Despite his incredible success record, Jeremy is on a mission to “Help 1 million people look like heroes by helping them achieve their desired outcomes”. He believes that Customer Success is all about being transparent and authentic, while being conscious listeners and showing people that they are valued.

    22. Kate Neal

    Director of Customer Success @ Staircase

    We can’t possibly conclude this list of Customer Success leaders without mentioning our very own CS expert, Kate Neal. Besides always wearing a unique “work hard, surf hard” philosophy on her sleeve at all times, Kate is a firm believer in optimizing the customer journey with data-driven insights based on relationship intelligence and ongoing sentiment analysis. Be like Kate!

    Customer Success: Knowledge is Power

    While the aforementioned Customer Success leader list is not exhaustive by any means, it will definitely expose you to the latest trends, help reignite the CS fire, and allow you to optimize your ongoing operations for sustainable business growth. We also encourage you to learn more about the importance of customer relationship intelligence with ongoing sentiment analysis via our educational CS blog.

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