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Featured top advocacy tools 2022
Best practices

Top 5 Customer Advocacy Tools for 2023

Sivan Michaeli-Roimi
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customer adoption
Growth & retention 7 min read
Customer Adoption: What It Is & How to Improve It
Sivan Michaeli-Roimi Sep 08, 2022
churn analysis
Growth & retention 8 min read
The Ins and Outs of Churn Analysis
Ori Entis Aug 18, 2022
Churn rate vs retention rate
Growth & retention 6 min read
Post-Sales Metrics Showdown: Churn Rate vs Retention Rate
Sivan Michaeli-Roimi Aug 11, 2022
Customer journey saas blog
Growth & retention 8 min read
Demystifying The SaaS Customer Journey
Sivan Michaeli-Roimi Jul 21, 2022
Customer journey management
Growth & retention 9 min read
Customer Journey Management: Empowering CS Operations
Sivan Michaeli-Roimi Jul 07, 2022
Relationship score
Growth & retention 8 min read
Customer Relationship Score: The Missing Piece of Relationship Analytics
Kate Neal May 05, 2022
Customer churn rate
Growth & retention 6 min read
Customer Churn Rate: Explained
Kate Neal Apr 21, 2022
Customer success strategy
Growth & retention 6 min read
Customer Success Strategy: Identifying the Blind Spots
Kate Neal Mar 24, 2022
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